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    Is Vitral Innovations a Creative / Digital Agency?

    Vitral Innovations is a Brand Strategy Consultancy.

    Creative agencies help bring the various brand elements to life in an imaginative way. Digital agencies handle your communications on digital platforms.

    Both of them require a brief and a purpose. Vitral helps put this brief and purpose together. Find out more about us.

    What is Brand Strategy?

    Brand Strategy is a set of guidelines on how, what, where, when and to whom a brand must communicate. It gives your brand a purpose and differentiates it from competition in personality, tone and tenor.

    A well-crafted Brand Strategy will enable consistent messaging, build an emotional connect with the consumers and in-turn enhance brand equity.

    Find out more about Vitral's approach to brand strategy consulting.

    How can my Brand tell a story?

    A Brand needs to understand the consumer, their environment, life stage, motivations, frustrations and pretty much their entire life story.

    When you understand the consumer, you can identify relevance for your brand in their lives. Once this context is established, it becomes easier to tell a coherent brand story. If you have a brand story to tell, we can help you craft it. Reach out to us.

    Will creating a Brand Strategy adversely impact my bottom line?

    A significant % of all marketing spend is wasted on account of lack of strategy and ad hoc ‘growth hack’ experiments. At Vitral, we believe that marketing spends are not expenses but investments and hence, should be planned, tracked and measured for return.

    Working with us ensures that your marketing budget is invested with purpose & increased efficiency. Simply put, Vitral is the guardrails to put in place, for your marketing spends. Want to know how you can optimise your marketing spends? Talk to us.

    What is the difference between Marketing & Advertising?

    Marketing is the structured execution plan to implement a brand strategy. There are many elements that make up a marketing plan. Advertising is one such element that handles the communication agenda of the marketing plan.

    Marketing develops messaging for the target consumer, based on business requirements and consumer understanding. Advertising is the tool that helps marketing deliver this message to the consumers. Find out more about the other elements of what make up marketing, check out our approach.