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    How do I prepare for a Reading?

    Relax, open your heart and set your intentions. With that I mean tell the universe exactly what you “need” to receive. Our beautiful spirit world always strives to give us what we need…always

    How does a reading/zoom/phone session begin?

    I welcome you we exchange smiles and relax in each other’s company. Next, I will ask you to speak about any/all the messages or guidance you are needing to receive in our session. As you speak, I start channeling and write down all the words, symbols, pictures, or memories that spirit gives me and we move from there collectively.

    Can I request what type of reading offering I want?

    Yes, yes, and yes! This is your special time with the universeand You can request anything from knowledge on a past lifetime to meeting with your spirit guide or using spirit cards…what you request with love and light the universe does their best to give you.

    Can I ask questions during a reading?

    Absolutely! I always encourage my clients to write them down and bring them with you. Also don’t hold back any questions or comments while in a session, I can easily spiritually bookmark where I was and circle back. It is important to be interactive in your messages of love and light.

    Can I audiotape our session?

    Definitely, you are encouraged to write down your truths or hit “record” on your phone. I do ask that you refrain from videotaping. Also, when there are spiritual cards offered, I always give my clients that written message/guidance. You are welcome to always take whatever notes were channeled and written as well.

    What happens at the end of a reading?

    The reading continues. If your heart remains open for messages and guidance the universe will continue to channel it in to you. The messages that you didn’t see fit, will fall into knowledge.

    Is a zoom or phone reading less of a reading because we are not in-person?

    Absolutely NOT, spirit has no walls. I can channel from across the world the same as sitting right next to you.

    After I book a reading, will I receive a reminder?

    Yes! You will recieve a messages confirming your appointment, a 24 hour appointment reminder, and a reminder one hour before your reading!